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Thanks for visiting my website! I would love to share with you my journey of having an extremely rare form of Dwarfism. Only 18 kids have it worldwide!

Here you can follow my progress on videos and on the Blog (Mum is writing it until I can write it myself!). There is a lot of  information about Goldblatt syndrome on this page. Don’t forget to support me and my family and other children on the Fundraising page.

LOL from the bottom of my heart.
Olivia xoxo

Thank you so much for coming to the fundraising event on June 11, 2017 at Hotel du Vin. It means the world to us to have your support as we embeark on our journey of launching the Goldblatt Syndrome Foundation. I hosted this event to promote awareness for this extremely rare genetic condition.  Please check back in a few days to check our photo gallery from the event.

The silent auction on luxury items is online and ready for bidding! There are great prizes on offer. For example, 4 person afternoon tea, 3 month gym membership, hair cuts, facials, dinner vouchers to top restaurants, interior design consultations, overnight hotel stay, etc, etc! Please make your bid today!

Click her to make your bid before closing Friday, June 16th at 6pm:


Following the achievement of providing for Olivia’s needs: medical equipment, private physiotherapy abroad, and home adaptations, we intend to help other children like Olivia. Please continue to follow our progress. There is a long road ahead.


Don’t forget Olivia’s Art Competition! All the children who received a goodie bag can submit a drawing. SplotchBird wants you to draw a scene for Olivia like the rainbow in the photo to the right. It can be a jungle, a zoo, a fairy garden or whatever your imagination brings you! Deadline, June 30th. Two lucky winners will receive great prizes! 

Please follow this link to submit your drawing:

Let's keep in touch!

we have a strict no-spam policy

Check me out on video!

Meet my Family


I have two sisters, one older and one younger. I am the sandwich in between! They play with me and make me smile when days can be tough. I have a lot of pain everyday and many appointments every week so doctors can check on me. Mommy and Daddy give me cuddles to make me feel better.


The Syndrome


I’m an extremely clever girl, but I suffer everyday from pain. The main symptoms of Goldblatt Syndrome are short stature, joint laxity, muscle weakness, narrow chest, and dentinogenesis imperfecta. Mommy takes me to appointments with doctors all over the world to help me feel better. I have Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Play therapy every week!


Olivia’s Blog

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